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GOOD MORNING, Good Afternoon and Good Evening to our fellow drifters!

Hello, Ciao, Neehao, Bonjour to wherever you all are in the world! People, We can't tell you how excited we are to introduce you to our project 'Afloat Adrift' which is live now as we speak.

Here's a little tale on how the project came about...

‘Afloat, Adrift’ was conceived during a rainy London summer a few years ago. Jo Jo was only 20 years old, having left behind her formative years in sunny Melbourne, her family and many memories in Hong Kong for the challenging life of a freelancer in the UK. Jo Jo had already begun to carve out her career by taking on various technical jobs in the field of cinematography, but still yearned to create and produce her own project. In a period in which work was scarce, she sat in the garden with thoughts of identity and belonging running through her mind, and began to write. Soon, ‘Afloat, Adrift’ was born.

As you can see - this is the 1st day of our official crowdfunding campaign and this is the part where YOU come in.

Check out our new website and crowdfunding platform.
Help us start off this campaign with a bang! ( How fitting on bonfire night!) You’ll be hearing from us again soon!

Hugs, kisses and love from the Afloat Adrift & Matchbox Media team.

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