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Afloat, Adrift is a crowdfunded, short dramatic comedy that follows the life of Mei, a Chinese housewife stuck in her own version of a no man’s land in British suburbia.

Over the years, Mei has failed at integrating into her adopted society. She made a choice to put her family first, and lost herself along the way. The men in her life maintain a bond through their obsession with swimming, but Mei is afraid of water and this reinforced her domestic and submissive role. Can she conquer her crippling fear enough to finally reunite with her family and find herself again? Armed with a pair of gloves, an apron, a bucket and a VCR tape, she makes her first move...

Director's Notes

"I made this film out of a fundamental need to create, tell stories and to explore this burning question that has always been within me: Where is home and how can one really define it? Afloat Adrift explores the aftermath of leaving your life and the impact on your sense of identity and heritage. The notion of identity and belonging has always been present in my work and Afloat Adrift is my attempt to examine these questions, as well as celebrating those quiet unsung heroes in difficult circumstances... Stories based around the experiences of women and the role of the mother are still sadly under-explored under-portrayed in film, particularly in the context of a migrant, and yet the UK provides an ideal landscape in which to show these struggles. I want to tell stories that are female driven; a perspective which is often silenced or missing in the mainstream media. "

Feel free to dig deeper and read Jo Jo's full Director'sVision and PressKit
Starring Daphne Cheung, Daniel York and Bruce Chong

Written & Directed by: Jo Jo Lam
Co Producer: Jason Bradbury
Production Manager: Carlotta Mazari
Cinematography by: Felix Schmilinsky
Production Design: Imogen Lloyd, Maddy Crowe
Costume Design: Stefania Tarantino
Editor: Ivana Anastasovska
Sound Design: Ricky Yip
Composer: Victoria Wijearnte
Colorist: Laura Pavone
Produced by Matchbox Media Collective



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截止日期: 10th December 2014
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